02 November 2014


First poster I made using Photoshop... I'm really happy learning something about those programs in school at the moment, because I know NOTHING about it and I'm like an old woman, refusing to acknowledge progress or something. I try to suck every information in like a sponge, but it's hard and that bothers me, and I really like to draw on paper - not on a screen. But I guess *hands up - give in to modernism* is the motto.
The photo in the background is from a trip to New York last year. GAAAAH I miss that city.

30 July 2014


Been so lucky to get tickets to the Fusion Festival this year. It was sooo nice.
Decided to take my digital camera on the trip, because I want to become friends with it again...it was an okay decision, because I could take pictures at night!

the sea, the sea

26 July 2014

elektronisk børnekunst

Made a flyer for this event, but I don't think it's going to be used after all. Was fun making it though!

13 July 2014

camera phone picdump

I got a phone with a camera some time ago, and have been enjoying taking snapshots all the time.
Here are some of the most random ones...
I also made a blog where all the blurry and otherwise not usable pictures go. I'd love some contributions! recycledpictures.tumblr.com

21 November 2013


4 ink drawings I made recently.


A little comic I made on the topic "Moon" (in Danish: "måne", that also has a second meaning, namely English: "bald head", German: "Glatze" :-)
Click to view larger... (Since it's too large for my scanner I had to photograph it)
I hope you get it?! The reading direction is maybe not really clear.