30 July 2014


Been so lucky to get tickets to the Fusion Festival this year. It was sooo nice.
Decided to take my digital camera on the trip, because I want to become friends with it again...it was an okay decision, because I could take pictures at night!

the sea, the sea

26 July 2014

elektronisk børnekunst

Made a flyer for this event, but I don't think it's going to be used after all. Was fun making it though!

13 July 2014

camera phone picdump

I got a phone with a camera some time ago, and have been enjoying taking snapshots all the time.
Here are some of the most random ones...
I also made a blog where all the blurry and otherwise not usable pictures go. I'd love some contributions! recycledpictures.tumblr.com

21 November 2013


4 ink drawings I made recently.


A little comic I made on the topic "Moon" (in Danish: "måne", that also has a second meaning, namely English: "bald head", German: "Glatze" :-)
Click to view larger... (Since it's too large for my scanner I had to photograph it)
I hope you get it?! The reading direction is maybe not really clear.

18 November 2013

darkroom prints

Scans of some prints I made in the darkroom. Most of them come from faulty/overexposed negatives (some of them I had to give 2:30min lights, with the aperture completely open!). I really like how they turned out.