11 June 2011

KĂžbenhavn, 05/2011

really sweet art installation. a plastic lobster on a rock, close to the sea, outskirts of copenhagen.
sune recording nils-peder // obstacles recording their 12"
i like people who wrote "nirvana" somewhere, at least once in their life. :)
i was spying on an old lady at the bus station in berlin.
fragile, stoned girls seem to be all over copenhagen.
jeppe making sounds.
on the ferry from germany to denmark. the end of tom & jerry.

home 2


I shot these in my grandparent's old flat, which now is used as a storage room, when I was picking up some old stuff of mine. Still I was so reminded of all the days I spent there as a little kid.

03 June 2011

merminlaan 9.

Photos of lonely days in my apartment in Knokke.