26 September 2012

mamiya c330

Ah, I was finally able to test my new baby - the Mamiya c330. What a beast of a camera...super heavy, pretty damaged and basically - it doesn't quite work right (really a lot is broken so I need to be super careful when taking pictures). I've always been stunned by photographs taken with that camera that I saw online.
My first attempt turned out alright  - the old Geissen light meter seems to work (I must look a little ridiculous fiddling with that amount of gear, hehe, should draw a comic about that), but I have to practise holding my hands still and focus a little more precisely. But it's getting there... I guess? Wish the processing of the 120 film wouldn't cost a fortune here. Seriously considering sending all the rolls to Germany to get it done.
Copenhagen is cold and rainy, and although I even managed to enjoyed the first days after coming back from a super hot vacation, it's already getting old again...
I finished Murakami's IQ84 and although I loved reading it, I'm extremely disappointed with the ending. Way too easy, way too many questions unanswered - it almost felt a little cheap. I hope for a fourth book to save the otherwise fantastic story. I have a lot of reading material for the winter already. But my free time always seems so packed with good things that I rarely feel I have the time to pick up a book! I also want to start working on my portfolio for serieskolan. It's quite some time to go until I want to apply, but as far as I know myself, I'm going to need it. I have a few ideas for illustration series... I think I will post some progress on this blog, although I'm a bit insecure about it, I try to get over that! And probably noone is reading or caring about that anyway at this point - besides me.
Music-wise I'm super uninspired these days. There's rarely something new coming along that blows my mind even remotely. Most of the times I can't even make it through a whole record because I get bored! The best show I've seen so far this year was in MAY (that was Danava! But Tera Melos(!), Papir, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Shabazz Palaces also deserve to be mentioned, those shows were also super rad)! Everthing else was mediocre at best. Especially when I had high expectations (esp. Extra Life, Omar Rodrigues Lopez Group) Lacking some inspiration here... at least the old shit never fails to amaze (listening to Pixies right now) but that makes me feel like a very old person. Or a very young one. I also couldn't relate to recent music when I was 12.
Lovin' the Babies-record though! And Chelsea Wolfe. And the new MF DOOM shit! JJ DOOM... But those seem to be the highlights of 2012 for me, oh my. At least there's some awesome shows coming up for fall/winter.

So, my first Mamiya shots, featuring my favourite model DJJ in PJs, a balcony with dead tomatoes, a bedroom with posters by Ida Applebroog, picked up at dOCUMENTA (13) and danish weather.

24 September 2012


That record still makes me very happy!
Our Sarracenia ist now, after a summer on the balcony, much, much bigger! The screenprint is from Sanya Glisic, I love her work so much.

Some pictures from home.

22 September 2012

Wow, I've been wanting to post those pictures for so long! Some black and white shots from spring this year, April/May, I'd say.
fortgotten things

toothpaste traces


On the ferry from Germany to Denmark