08 September 2011


late august 2011. cascais, sintra, lisbon. random snapshot collection.

well yes, it may not look like much. and the table is pretty nasty, as well as the picture itself, BUT it was one of the best meals i had in my whole life. 

05 September 2011

13 pictures from erfurt, langenwolschendorf, copenhagen, prague. and the highway.

do people get angry or flattered when i photograph their kids? according to my friend they most likely get angry. i'm always worried, while photographing strangers, that one may come and pull out the film from my camera, as i have seen it once happen to my friend in 6th grade (he photograhed a stinky ticket inspector, who was obviously unhappy with his job).
galerie 7b.

those ladies i watched at the train station in erfurt, cleaning their fruit/vegetable-stand after finishing their daily business, were incredible. quick, diligently, chatty, quirky. what is it like to work at a place like this your whole life? is it maybe even more comforting to have the same patterns of movement and interaction every day than it is boring - the thing that everyone is afraid of? they threw away perfectly good wraps. why didn't they take them home? is it not allowed, or are they maybe fed up with the food for a long time?
sune on a break from the incredibly long ride from czech republic to denmark.
lasse napping.

jeppe on a beach near firhøj. we had some pretty tough backgammon matches. what an awesome game.
we finally took the canal tour in copenhagen. it was wonderful in the evening sun.
jeppe in our queen-sized bed in prague.