28 March 2013

winter vibes


Scheiterhaufen in the making, taken by Jeppe

Hi! Taken by Jeppe.


Happy Easter holidays, everybody! Today is the first day of my about-a-week-long Easter break. I'm going to travel home to Germany to spend time with family and friends. Looking so much forward to that!

I recently bought an Instax-camera and had a lot of fun with it already. Unfortunately the film is quite expensive, although cheaper than Polaroid, so I can't really shoot as much as I'd like to. It's not even THAT easy to take a decent picture, as you have to keep a certain distance to the object you're photographing, otherwise it will turn out blurry. Quite difficult for me, especially when trying to capture something close-up!
I read that pictures taken with that camera outside in daylight should turn out really great, but I only had the opportunity to take some at home so far. I'll sure take this baby for a hike soon, when spring is here!
Sadly the Instax is quite the whopper, so a bit unhandy to travel with.

exciting on the skin, boring from within
ticket to ride!
best danish breakfast (!) :-)

26 March 2013

Highlights of the week

I'm a sucker for lists!

Highlights of my week (12) in no particular order:
  • Having a German guest in the house who brought loads of presents - mostly vegetarian sausages (the currency we prefer to work with here), and 3 bottles of beloved Club Mate!- cooked amazing meals for us and was overall a very pleasant company
  • Getting to know about Wesley Willis, thanks to Timo. I'm impressed by his person and drawings in particular, but also his music didn't escape my head for several days. You can watch a nice documentary on him here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YBgZErdvyU
  • Seing a !mindblowing! show at a really beautiful venue, Copenhagen's Jazzhouse: Papir (one of my Danish favourites, always a pleasure to see them play) and Oneida, which was both fun and mesmerizing
  • Giving a friend a haircut because he thinks I'm good at it! What?! Yay!
  • My first "Om" at Yoga class that actually felt like something (pretty awesome that is)
  • Skipping presumably enjoyable appointments, simply to be able to spend more time with my boyfriend - so worth it.
  • Making veggie, quite fancy Sushi for the first time and totally mastering the rolling process (just like thiiis) = huge feeling of success
  • My workspace now has "Women's Tea", and no matter how ridiculous that name is! it tastes great and makes my workday just a little better, hehe.