24 October 2011

nachtrag: ruhr 2010

last year in july i went, together with my university-art-class, on a week-long field trip to the german ruhrpott. a place i would not have gone to myself without any specific reason, i guess. the art event "ruhr 2010" took place, so there were lots of special exhibitions/events/performances for us to see. one day the whole highway between dortmund/düsseldorf/bochum was closed and occupied with people, mostly from the area, starting their own art performances, having tables with cake, were making music, were cycling along the highway - so great! we were driving from one city to another almost every day, none of the places i've been to before. among them were oberhausen, düsseldorf, dortmund, unna (featuring the most impressive art space i've ever been to - the very humble light art museum, so damn worth a visit, breathtaking!), köln, bochum.
that trip was definitely one of the best vacations i ever took. i was surrounded by cool people (a lot of them were close friends, since we studied together for 3 years in a rather intimate small circle), the summer was hot, sunny, awesome, we could do whatever we wanted (of course, we are adults, but it still had a bit of the feeling of a field trip back in school days, where drinking and smoking was forbidden and you had to be still in your bed after 10pm), we were seeing amazing art and inspiring things all of the time (but wow, that was exhausting!- the students who organized everything did a GREAT job!-), we were travelling in a freaking awesome blue 60's-hippie-bus and also there was that bittersweet feeling that this was probably the last time we would be together like that (almost all of the people weren't planning on continuing studying in erfurt; most of them were about to travel, or change their lifes, or whatever).
i took a lot of photos on the way but never put them anywhere. here are some of them.

my friend christina was filming during the week and made a really cool video about the trip. here it is:

i also want to mention the most sucky part of the whole trip. my notebook, which i filled with TONS of inspiration/plans/sketches/ideas for upcoming masterpieces GOT LOST. i don't know when and how, i just know that it's gone and that i can't remember a lot of what i've been writing down. i remain in deep sadness and temptation to bite my own ass. notebooks shall never get lost again.

edit: today i found the notebook back in an old packing case. if noone else cares, well, I DO! fuck yeah.

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