04 March 2012


some photos from my diana f+ that i just got developed. i scanned the negatives with my new scanner which i am totally excited about! it took me only like 4 years of consideration to buy one...
there were some really old pictures from 2010 on the roll. it was quite a surprise to see them.
all the scans are pretty "dirty" - next time i have to clean better before i start (although i thought i did). for now i just convinced myself that all the fluff adds to the charm of it, hehe!

jeppe, forever damned to be my photo victim. early winter 2011.
this must be knokke's beach. autum 2010.
baltic sea, summer 2011.
lias and his boat on their way to the sea.
jeppe took that one of me a week ago during a walk around the icy lake in valby.
a bus that doesn't really belong there.


  1. Hübsches Porträt! Seh ich da etwa ein Septumpiercing? Huuuui! :)

  2. danke! jaaah, hab mich nach ewigem überlegen durchgerungen und freu mich voll dran - ist echt eins der hübschesten piercings und ich fiebere schon den ganzen verschiedenen schmuck-möglichkeiten entgegen, sobald's abgeheilt ist! :)


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