08 November 2012


I scanned some pages from my sketchbook(s) and I'm putting this now on the interweb.
I also started a 14-day-challenge - do one drawing OR take a photo a day (I wanted to start "small" - so, only 14 days and only one tiny sketch/snapshot would be enough, may not sound like much, but I've even had my troubles with that already - damn work/winter/classes/lazyness). So far I've been keeping up, wehuw! The results I'm going to post as soon as I'm done with the whole thing and the pictures are developed.

Some doodles (love that word) coming UP, mostly from our summer vacation - Berlin, Baltic Sea, Crete:

IB, the marsvin - Meerschweinstudie :D
During a Berlin-trip.
Pretty shitty, but I tried spying on people and drawing them without being caught - and that's one of my first attempts - has to be documented! That was during eating brunch at Viasko - a vegan restaurant in Berlin. Hands down the best brunch I've ever had.
Wanted to try my pens, hehe. The person is looking out of the windows, but you can't tell, because it's not finished. (but i doubt it ever will be finished...) On the right side there was supposed to be a bed/room interior.
Otis an der Ostsee.
My mum fell asleep while I was drawing her - best model, hehe.
3-minute sketch of my dad, he had to laugh so hard when I showed it to him. I think he was shocked. He wanted me to call the drawing: "Aufgebracht nach Telefonat mit Rentenversicherung".

I had to cut the other half of the drawing off, out of privacy reasons, haha! If you cn read German+my handwriting, you will know, why. To get the vibe, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ASY6WhI2dc
The beautiful cliff at the Red Beach in Matala/Crete...
Reference picture! :)
Well, it was a nudist beach! That's why there is an outline of my boob. And a self-portrait I drew from my reflection in Jeppe's sunglasses.
Those rocks were sick!!


  1. tolle sachen, wie immer. weitermachen! bewirbste dich bald für das illustrationsstudium? :)besonders die felsenstudien find ich super, aber auch die meersschweine und die von jeppe!

    1. danke, du bist lieb!! :)
      für das studium bewerb ich mich erst in gut 'nem jahr - voraussichtlich. bis dahin muss ich noch sammeln und vor allem auch mal ein paar sachen ausarbeiten.


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