28 February 2013

pt. 3 - sommerferie - matala

after a more than lousy danish/german summer 2012, i welcomed the greek heat that almost made me collapse.

view from our terrace!
little friend
matala: 1 unreal shopping/food/bathing/holidaying-town
warm, very salty water
it got dark really early every night, and the sun went down behind that mountain
quite exhausting everyday walk (or: climb) to the red beach (because the other one was quite crowded and not as beautiful)
worth it.

"wenn die sonne lacht, nimm blende acht"-test (erfolgreich.)

snorkeling was great! so many fishes!

for the people that were too lazy, or simply not able, to crawl over the rocks, there was a little boat coming by twice a day, getting you back into civilization.
best illustration of a mojito of all times. isn't it?
beach glass.
the crowded boring beach, but with loads of beach glass!


  1. Oh Juli, ein Traum! :) Erinnert mich an Portugal und ich will uuuunbedingt wieder in die Sonne...

    1. vielleicht shcaffen wir's dieses jahr ja doch! einmal jährlich muss man wirklich seine reserven füllen, hab ich das gefühl.


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