28 March 2013


Happy Easter holidays, everybody! Today is the first day of my about-a-week-long Easter break. I'm going to travel home to Germany to spend time with family and friends. Looking so much forward to that!

I recently bought an Instax-camera and had a lot of fun with it already. Unfortunately the film is quite expensive, although cheaper than Polaroid, so I can't really shoot as much as I'd like to. It's not even THAT easy to take a decent picture, as you have to keep a certain distance to the object you're photographing, otherwise it will turn out blurry. Quite difficult for me, especially when trying to capture something close-up!
I read that pictures taken with that camera outside in daylight should turn out really great, but I only had the opportunity to take some at home so far. I'll sure take this baby for a hike soon, when spring is here!
Sadly the Instax is quite the whopper, so a bit unhandy to travel with.

exciting on the skin, boring from within
ticket to ride!
best danish breakfast (!) :-)

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  1. cooles teil! das war doch auch mal so ein hype als wie 10/12 waren...? und die hot dogs erst... mhh! haben letztens auch in unserem megaeinkaufszentrum nen hotdogladen entdeckt, der auch vegetarische anbietet - und richtig geil: sogar mit laugenbrötchen und sauerkraut :D


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