07 February 2013

mamiya, roll 2

Today I want to share a few more shots from my Mamiya camera. I just finished the second roll of film and been scanning all the negatives. Since some things on the camera are broken and therefore quite hard to handle, I've been a bit hesitant to take pictures. 3 out of 12 turned out blurry and basically useless, although one of them (the new header of this blog) I really like, despite of its bleariness. It was taken at the Botanisk Have (botanical garden) in Copenhagen. A really beautiful place with lots of green houses (with crazy humidity and butterflies living in it, and my favorite: meat-eating plants!!) and of course, interesting green and colorful living stuff all over. I'm looking forward to visit again, when it's getting sunnier and warmer.
I can feel that spring is slowly coming and it makes me SO happy. This Monday was the first day this year where I was able to ride my bike home from work without it being completely pitch-dark outside! It's still far from being light, though, hehe. Seems like I could escape the winter blues this year - yay! It was pretty bad the last time. Reasons might be that I stick to my daily bike rides from and to work, no matter what weather there is outside. Also, I think, I'm slowly getting a bit more comfortable with Copenhagen, its people, my current point in life and so on.

some sun in autumn
Carlsberg Glyptoteket and one bored dude. 

Nørrebrogade and one of my favourite graffiti.

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