28 February 2013

winter blues und fernweh

These days I'm dreaming of traveling and sunshine... I'm longing so much to "just get out of here", for a few weeks, preferably a few months, go and live somewhere else, meet new people and experience new things. But most of all I'm longing for having the time to really dig deep into the things I love doing and connecting with myself and those pleasures again. Ah, that would be nice and healthy.

I went through all of the pictures I took during an amazing and super varied summer vacation last year. Those 3 weeks felt a lot longer since there were so many different stops on the way: The dOCUMENTA(13) in Kassel, seeing friends and family at home, spending some seriously chilled out days in a summerhouse at the Baltic Sea, and to top it off - 10 days in Crete, in the most surreal and fantastic little ex-hippie-town Matala. I really enjoyed not having a "city-holiday" for once, where so much is about visiting sights, shopping, going out, seeing a lot of people. Although I love seing new, big cities and new people - it's always very inspiring and so much input - I rarely find myself coming back from those exhausting trips and feeling refreshed, balanced and relaxed.
So I really enjoyed those days, having new places, things and people in small doses, and still having enough time to read a lot, sleep, draw, enjoy the nature, some art, and each other's company.

Guess that's also why I'm craving for a months-long-trip somewhere, and the experience to "live" there.

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